Anneke Whelan Attorneys is headed up by Anneke Whelan, a senior attorney assisted by Zelna Swart, a senior associate, and a paralegal, Chantal Harris. We are a small team geared to deliver long term solutions to business challenges for the clients we serve.

We believe that it is important that the appropriate resources - employees and technology - and expertise are engaged to produce results that achieve long term solutions to our clients’ challenges. Such solutions must be efficient, risk-appropriate, and cost-effective. They must add value to you, the client. We firmly believe that service providers that can consistently deliver legal services this way - whether employing internal resources or collaborating with others - will be dominant players in the industry.



to differentiate our
expertise, skills, and judgment
in the pursuit of excellence


the effective deployment of
legal expertise, technology, and process to solve client’s challenges

Client Satisfaction

achieving results and providing an excellent client experience that promotes trust

The legal profession, as we know it, must undergo broad, deep and enduring changes. We have turned a management tool – the timesheet – into a billing instrument that is often used in a “scorched earth” fashion. The legal profession is characterised by conformity, adherence to precedent, leverage, and preservation of the status quo. Most firms are undifferentiated, offering the same practice capability at similar prices.

This is what sets us apart.

As is required by law, we practicably endeavour to provide our clients with an estimate of the costs associated with the provision of work and bill in accordance with the agreement reached. There are no surprises when our client receives an invoice from us. Not only will we be able to differentiate our business, but our pricing structure is more palatable to our clients who understandably demand more choice, transparency, competition, price predictability, and direct access to the service provider.




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