Crew Changes Allowed

Since Friday 21 August 2020 crew changes are allowed in the ports of Cape Town and Durban under strict rules. Crew may travel from airport to vessel and are not required to quarantine, unless a layover is required in which case they must be quarantined at the employers’ cost. A layover will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Passenger liners are still prohibited from disembarking passengers or crew except for disembarking South African citizens.

Although provided for in the latest set of regulations issued by the Department of Transport under Level 2 restrictions, crew changes remain, practically speaking, virtually impossible and the costs commercially uneconomical. The human tragedy caused by crew unable to depart the vessel and return to their loved ones, families and friends after their rotation comes to an end remains. Exhausted crew continue to work the vessels plying our oceans.

It appears prudent for all maritime authorities across the globe to re-visit their disaster contingency plans to ensure it is up to date with both equipment, skills and manpower available in order to avoid, and if it is impossible to avoid, contain, the terrible consequences of an oil spill such as the MV Wakashio off the coast of Mauritius.

Please contact Anneke Whelan should you have any maritime related issues.

Anneke Whelan
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